Varsed Security Services

Varsed provides clients with a wide range of consultancy services that could be required from time to time. The consultancy services provided include;

  • Security Consultancy: These includes the site survey and a study of the industry's requirements. Based on the study we advise our clients on the manpower requirment, positions to be manned, equipment to be used and methods of checking to be employed. Controls are worked out keeping in mind the specific requirments of the client.
  • Manpower Planning: Based on surveys we advise our clients on the manpower required to provide adequate security at on loaction. This manpower includes the security guards to be provide by our organisation as well as the manpower that the clients would required in order to run their internal control systems.
  • Fire Safety: Advise on the fire safety precaution to be adopted, location of chemical tanks, fuel tanks and power plants within the permises is provided in order to create a safe environment.
  • Inventory Control Systems: These are designed specifically suited to the client organization. Stress in given to the safe but controlled passage of material to and from the premises.
  • Crisis Management: Varsed is always ready to provide support to clients in times of crisis. This could include strikes and other disruptions caused by trade union activities, fire, injury to personnel or kidnappings. Our crisis management team will respond immediately to a call. We analyse the crisis and immediately put remedial measures in place to control the situation. Once the crisis is controlled we design systems to prevent future recurrence.
  • Event Security Management: Varsed undertakes security management at high profile events that attract thousands of visitors, including star nites, carnivals, seminars and exhibitions.


The assurance of quality:

Ability to serve multi-location clients having facilities all over India.
First ISO-9002 certified security services and training organization in India
A combined experience of over 40 man years in security, investigations and related services.
A team of highly qualified professionals.
Consultants to over 40 industries in matters relating to industrial law.
Complies with all statutory liabilities







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