Varsed Security Services
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Specific to the customer's requirment our training cell also conducts training in differentiating between the various types of materials that are to be scrutinized by them at the site in order to ensure that pilferage is prevented. The maintenance of logbooks as well as inward & outward movement registers of the customer's employees, equipment and stocks to ensure the safety of the company's man, material and assets inventory. Frisking of workers and supervision of orderly parking are also given due importance. Great importance is attached to training in patrolling which is a job that requires great skill and alertness. Training in the requirements of guarding at a watch tower as well as at a post are imparted.


The assurance of quality:

Ability to serve multi-location clients having facilities all over India.
First ISO-9002 certified security services and training organization in India
A combined experience of over 40 man years in security, investigations and related services.
A team of highly qualified professionals.
Consultants to over 40 industries in matters relating to industrial law.
Complies with all statutory liabilities







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